Talia Genuine Leather Bag for Active and Confidence Women


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What makes a leather bag for Bali special is on its simplicity and elegance. One of them is Talia Genuine Leather Bag. This bag is made by Balinese artisan along with materials taken from Indonesia. By using this bag you are able to bring a variety of items such as your favorite books, smartphone, tablet, and small items you want to bring. There is one big compartment made of high-quality Faux suede. Then, there are also 5 slide pockets and 1 zipper pockets. Those pockets are suitable for putting some precious items such as cards, money, wallet, and many more.

The magnetic clip on the top makes Talia Genuine Leather Bag stylish and attracting to see as well as give protection to the items. Due to the material, this bag is thick but soft enough so it is flexible to bring anywhere you want. You can also bring this bag comfortably and right away by taking the double handle. The handle is strong enough so you can hang on your shoulder. The most important thing, the handle doesn’t make your shoulder pain or uncomfortable. You will not see any sophisticated pattern on the bag but the natural texture of the leather makes this bag looks cool and stylish.

A Bag Review: Talia Genuine Leather Bag

This bag is presented in a yellow color and it is bright enough for active women. It is also possible for you to choose the brown bag if you want it. The color and design are able to boost your confidence while meeting with your friends and colleagues. You can also bring Talia Genuine Leather Bag in any occasions whether it is formal or casual. In the end, you are not only bringing a stylish leather bag but you also bring a functional bag where you can bring all the important items you must use every day easily anytime you want.    

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