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A satchel bag is one type of bag that is well known in the community. This bag is generally used by men to accompany them in their activities. However, it is not uncommon for women who like to wear these leather sling bags in their daily lives. In its use, the satchel bag itself is indeed considered to be simpler and easier when compared to other types of bags. For some people, of course, you wonder why leather is used as the main ingredient in making satchel bags? The main reason for using leather as a satchel bag is the quality of the thickness and the elegant impression that will emerge on the sling bag made from this leather material. The leather material itself is indeed a guarantee of quality, so it's not surprising that many bag products include sling leather bags which make it the basic material for making bags.


A Remington genuine leather satchel bag

A Remington genuine leather satchel bag is a bag which is made of a material of genuine leather.  This bag is done and designed by the professional Balinese artisan. All of the materials of this bag is gotten from Indonesia, includes the leather and also the bag’s supporting material. It means that is real from Indonesia, start from the creator to the materials. This bag is suitable for any activity.

The design and material of the bag

Is it good to bring and save each item? That is right. This Remington genuine leather satchel bag is able to manage your items such as a smartphone, book, tablet and also other items. This bag has one large main compartment, pockets of the slide, and two pockets of the zipper. This bag is completed with a pocket in which the closure is from a magnet. It is very useful for the safety of every item in your bag. There is also a hidden bag or pocket with a zipper as the closure which guarantees your item’s safe.  

The material of this bag is perfectly soft and the texture is marmalade. The material is steady and also thick. This bag has a leather strap which is long in which it is designed comfortable. So, you will feel relax and comfortable when you hang it on your shoulder in your some activities, both formal and informal. Those of you who are currently looking for a bag, of course, will not be disappointed if you buy this leather bag as a friend for your activities.

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