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The bag we are going to talk about here is the Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag. In this article, we are going to make our discussion regarding the bag narrower since we are going to discuss its outer part only. Well, if you want to figure it out, then, reading this article to finish is absolutely a good idea!

The material used

Since the bag is made by a reputable manufacturer of handmade bags with premium leather, then, you would expect that it is made of high-quality material, would you not? Sure, such an expectation is a thing that everyone is allowed to make, but will the manufacturer be able to satiate your expectation? Fortunately, it can! When it comes to material, the company only allows itself to produce bags made of cowhide and it is genuine- no made-ups, no replica, no synthetic materials. Also, the bag is pretty elegant since it chooses to display a pattern which is plain. Therefore, the bag is obviously durable since the leather used to construct its outer part is very resistant to wear and tear!

Be Confidence with Your Fashion Style with Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag

The features of the exterior

There are several interesting features that you can find around the outer part of the bag, although most of them are pretty basic and are commonly found in other bags on the market. Nevertheless, they are still great features which distinguish a decent bag from the mediocre ones. The first one is the tourniquet button used as a closure to protect the inside of the bag. The next one is its accent which featured seamed accent that allows the bag to have an elegant look. Also, the bag is equipped with a tassel made of leather as well as a name tag. Well, those are several things to know regarding the outer part of the Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag!

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Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag

If you are seeking for a multifunctional bag, you might want to take a look at Lexi genuine leather crossbody bag. As the designers come from Indonesia, you will feel the real spirit of Balinese artists, in which it is reflected in the refreshing design of the bag. Not only that, all the materials have gone through careful selection, wherein the supporting materials and leather come from the best materials in Indonesia. The bag is quite big, it is built in 26.5cm x 23cm x 10cm for its dimension, right from the length, width and height. As for the weight, it is 630 grams. Because of the size and weight, it has enough space to stuff in your personal items, such as mirror, book, phone, wallet, or even larger gadgets, such as iPad or small notebook.

Classic with Style: Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag

What is very unique about this bag is its choice of space. Lexi genuine leather crossbody bag has two main compartments, four slide pockets and one zipper pocket, in which it is suitable for you who often travel far and need to bring many things in one bag. This is why, the bag is perfect for many events as it will not look off to be worn anytime regardless the place or season. Not only that, those zipper pockets are placed hidden far inside the bag, so you can keep all of the important items in depth, away from the pickpockets. The handle drop is adjustable, wherein you can adjust the strap up to 49 cm to fit your shoulder or chest. The material used is also soft, because it is made of faux suede with orange peel pattern. The safety is reassured, because the closure uses tourniquet button. You can also personalize your own bag, since every bag has a leather tassel with seamed accent and name tag. Still not convinced yet? Go ask around for the quality!

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Be Confidence with Your Fashion Style with Lexi 0

Zetira Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag

As an active woman, you have to go to some places in a day along with all the important small items. Just imagine if you don’t have a flexible, stylish, and durable bag. Due to this need, you may use a high-quality leather bag namely Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag. This bag is a great option because it is made by Balinese artisan and all the materials are taken from Indonesia.

Moreover, it is also a recommended bag because it has large enough space to put all your important items. There are two small pockets and two big pockets inside the bag. You can put any small important items such as a phone, lipstick, wallet, makeup, cards, and wallet. You don’t need to worry if you want to bring some precious items such as money or jewelry because there is a hidden pocket with a zipper which can protect your precious items perfectly. The design of Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag is simple but it is stylish enough and you can mix and match with any fashion models. Because of that, this leather bag is suitable for all occasion and all season whether formal or casual. This high-quality leather bag is not only stylish but also durable and comfortable enough to use.

Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag Review

The materials are soft and the buckle strap is easy to set up. As the result, you are able to bring the bag comfortably anywhere and anytime. You just need to hang the bag on your shoulder and it doesn’t make your shoulder pain although you hang the bag all day long. If you want to use a simple, compact, and stylish leather bag, you can choose Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag. You can choose to use the brighter red or darker red because both of them are cool to use. By the time you bring the bag, it seems that you are more confident with your fashion style.    
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Leather Bag Online

Bags are not just a functional item that has been made by designers around the world. The existence of a bag becomes a commodity because it also supports your outfit, style, and hobby. Some people collect bags because they love to collect them. We will say that the Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag would be a great addition to your bag collections.

The good things about this crossbody bag include its original leather with 1.8mm of thickness for the exterior part of the bag that will give a classic yet luxurious look. Other than that, it features a button with tourniquet closure that will make the process of opening and closing the bag becomes easier yet simpler. It has four small slide pockets inside the bag where you can store your daily supplies such as cosmetics, smartphone, phone charger, earphones, and many more. There is also a hidden pocket where you can store something more private because it is also secured with a high-quality zipper.

A Bag Review: Lexi Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag

With the dimension of 26.5cm x 23cm x 10cm, you can carry anything in your bag. If you are not into tote bags then this crossbody bag will be a great daily partner for you. Besides daily activities, it will be suitable for a wedding outfit or maybe something more formal as well. The details include a name tag and a seamed accent with a tassel made of leather as well. The strap is sturdy and adjustable so it will support any activity you are into.

However, this bag might not be suitable if you carry bigger items like pieces of papers and other things. It will not be pleasant enough for you who prefer a bigger size of a bag for your daily life. Still, you need to take a look at this elegant yet stunning crossbody bag by Zetira.

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